Folabi Grace is an emerging brand whose signature includes Ready to wear and Bespoke piece. The brand combines originality, femininity and glamour to produce aesthetically pleasing outfits. The eponymous fashion brand debuts with a new collection tagged "Primus." The collection is adorned with an array of gorgeous pieces that is suitable for every modern day woman. The collection which is a true testament of the brands slogan, "Let your style speak Volumes" features off shoulder pieces, jumpsuit, body con, gown and skirt.
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I pride my self in being super lazy sometimes, I can be so lazy that getting out of the bed is usually war, Anyway, when it comes to be travelling I am lazy too, cos I really hate leaving my comfort zone. But that doesn't mean I don't have my fair share of travelling, well its through the internet. Sounds weird right?

Anyway, I managed to hurl myself to Enugu and these are some of the pictures, I visited some places sha. Like I think Coscharis Motors abi Elizade in Enugu, Polo Park Shopping Mall, Celebrity Restaurant, I went to Ogui Layout.....That Eziagu Side to eat correct Abacha "African Salad". It was an exciting trip. But I have hurled my ass back to my base. 


I have always been wanting to travel somewhere very far from Nigeria, but since 2013 I have started saving my money, e never even reach ordinary Ten thousand Naira, I hope y'all would donate to my cause, say about 5000 miles, lately I have been a sucker for the Caribbean, I spend hours researching on the internet when I of course have nothing important doing. During one of my IG expeditions, I stumbled on this write up on Barbados by on of my instagram crushes/blogger  Afoma Umesi
Barbados is a Caribbean island East to the island of St Vincent & the Grenadines. It is a popular vacation spot with breathtaking beaches and some of the friendliest locals you would ever meet, and also the birthplace of musical icon Rihanna. Very interesting fact about Barbados is that it is completely visa free for Nigerians.

There are 11 parishes on the island and here are ten things you should do when you visit;

Eat breakfast at Bliss Café
A cute cafe just 2 minutes from Dover Beach and then stroll to the beach with a belly full of waffles.


Take a drive to Crane Beach
You would be blown away by the most stunning turquoise waters. Take many pictures.

Go to Bridgetown (The Capital)

Tan at Carlisle Bay
There’s no better beach to catch a tan on than Carlisle Bay. Bring a good book, rent a lounge chair and relax.


Visit Harrison’s Cave
It is an underground limestone cavern, fondly called the 8th wonder of the world by the Bajans.

Take a stroll on the boardwalk
Meet other tourists and perhaps have an early dinner at the Tiki Bar.

Visit the old town of Speightstown

It just might steal your heart.

Go to the Oistins fish market
Preferably on a Friday night for Oistins Fish Fry Friday. It promises great music and even better food.

Engage a tour company
Go on a tour of the island with one of the many tour companies if you can. It really makes for a more complete experience.

Submarine Tours
And if you’ve got the big bucks, you should definitely do the Submarine Tours.
If you ever had Barbados on your list of countries to visit, then make sure you do at least five out of the ten things listed above and if you did not, add it, grab a map at the airport; there’s no better country to be a tourist than Barbados! 

PS; Don't forget to take me as your hand luggage, Been looking for a way to cross River Niger. Missed you guys a lot though.

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My Krazy Life 3

Heya people! Who missed me? Who??? I can only see a few hands, guess what guys. I am bringing back one segment of the blog. Who still remembers my crush in the bank, I know I just left you guys in the dark as regard to that. What actually happened was that I was no longer having issues with my mastercard, so I didn't go to customer service to see Claire that much. I only catch a glimpse of her whenever I go to the bank and she happens to be in the banking Hall. Just like a couple of days ago.
Immediately I entered the bank, the first person I saw was Claire then the security man that operates the door and handles one ATM thingy inform of a tablet. She looked so beautiful as always in her white midi gown and flat shoes. I immediately sized her up and smiled cos I am still taller than her, hehehe don't mind me guys, am not that tall. Am just your regular 5ft 8iches guy. But it gives me joy that the number of females that would be taller than me in every gathering are always very few. I actually do love it when Bae has to stand on her toes just to kiss you, well that doesn't mean that Bae should be below 5ft 4inches so we won't give birth to small small things (me darling, short girls, pls don't hate me. Am trying not be a sexist). Anyway I immediately stopped looking at her before someone would start shouting sexual harassment and omolomo would be sued to court.

After joining the queue for fast-track deposit, I occasionally threw glances at her, as she walked majestically inside the banking Hall, she walked towards where I was standing, then wandered off to meet other customer care staff of the bank that stayed downstairs. While observing her like a private detective I remembered one comment my friend made. The dude can be a hater sometimes, he said "You are a jobless student, just stop wasting your time with Claire. She has a job + You don't have a job = Hopeless", I just smiled like a crayfish that won 1 million Kuwaiti Dinar.  My joy was short lived when I heard NEXT PERSON!!!!!!  I swear that voice wasn't even romantic, sounded more like a banker who has been hungry since morning. So I hurriedly made my deposit and started looking around to see if I can catch a glimpse of Claire, but unfortunately she went upstairs before I finished. And I wasn't even in the mood to climb the stairs. Anyway I haven't been to bank since the last time I saw her because Guaranty Trust Bank Umuahia Branch has been sealed for a couple of days now.


In a typical Nigerian home especially in the igbo community, there is this mentality about male children. For instance, in a family with two male children, one would likely hear comments like "Owu kwa otu mkpuru ka unu di ooo (it's only one son that I have ooo)" or "Onye nne ya na amughi ato aga gi ano na etiti (anybody the mother doesn't give birth to three children, doesn't stay in the middle)" from the ever loving mothers. However, in a family with just one male child it's a total melodrama from the parents, one would likely hear things like "Iwu otu mkpuru anya ji onye isi ugwo (the only eye that is owing the blind person)" and many other proverbs you wouldn't care less to understand.

Life in the first 23 years of individuals in the category mentioned above tends to be "get married" disturbance free, until after graduating from the university and one year service to dear old Nigeria then the "get married" syndrome hits. Then the typical life for someone who just has a brother or someone who doesn't even have at all is getting married, so you can start making babies already in order for the family legacy to be sustained and properties acquired to remain under the family custody. In a family with two male children, the pressure to marry is lessened on one after the other gets himself a wife, same cannot be said when its just one son in question, the pressure to get married never dies.

Word of advice, if you are an only son and the pressure is too much, just run away for a while *winks*. While the "get married" frenzy is still going on in the family, it's very funny that when you make up excuses like you haven't seen a woman, you probably won't even know that a woman has been arranged for you to get married to. One tend to notice that family friends now come along with their daughters whilst visitation, so the master minders would see if a choice would be made from a list of potential wives, and I presume that should be very funny right and most times the unsuspecting young and confused adult fall prey in the grand plan. Sometimes, I get to wonder why the igbos can't adapt the mentality of our Yoruba counterparts, cos I learnt most of them care less about properties unlike the Igbos. A friend once said if two igbo men are quarrelling it usually tends to be about a parcel of land.

When it is perceived that it is time for one to get married, members of the grand association of marriage advisers now set in with different segments of advise session, which usually starts with questions like, are you seeing someone? Is she a wife material? The advice session takes another dimension if you mistakenly say "I am not seeing anybody". Then they will start usually with "are you aware that you are supposed to marry someone you are older than", some people even go as far saying "make the age difference at least 11 years", some will say "make sure your parents are richer than the girl's parents", I can remember one acquaintance saying "I can't marry a woman from a richer home, so I'll have my respect", I just laugh out loud in my head and ask them why? , and after listening to their defence which revolves around respect, it sounded so clichè to me. I don't know why everybody is so bent on respect, when I have seen in this my long life, am sure some people are wondering how old is this guy, FYI, I was born in 1725, just do the math and continue reading, that even if one marries one who is 20 years younger inasmuch as the woman in question is with personality disorder, the husband would never be respected cos she fails to see him as a god (which he actually is), all my feminist people please don't chew me raw, but I am not of the school of thought that one should oppress a woman or violate her physically because she is loyal, even the second reason about being richer, to me it's still bullshit, cos one can marry a girl give her a complete makeover and still be treated like trash, in my own candid opinion when the poor marries a poor individual the poor continues being poorer and this trend is usually seen in some parts of igbo land, why can't we just aspire for something greater? I really don't know why they don't think and don't realise that when one marries from a mid class home or from one which is financially more bouyant, you have less dependent relatives. Oh shit! I forgot most people are just bent on the respect thingy.

Most of them even say, "marry someone who is younger so she doesn't get to age quickly or look older than yourself" and as usual I have a reason to counter what ever they say, maybe I should even attend a debate where the subject of debate is typical African marriage policies, cos I am damn sure I would win them. One of these days I was arguing with someone about marrying someone younger and aging, I asked the person "if you are broke, would your wife be looking young and rejuvenated?" cos I think hardship tells on both men and women physically. I guess I made a killer point that shut him up cos looking good and rejuvenated is a factor of the Benjamin. A similar situation is prevalent for only daughters, even though most times the fathers are not willing to let them go while the mothers are so eager to carry a grand child.

My opinion, when you find that person that makes your heart beat 3x faster,  and you are satisfied she's every thing you want, just tie the goddamn knots cause I don't think this generation gets married because of love.

NB: Sorry guys I have been really MIA, Just trying to put my shit together, was trying to redesign the blog but I haven't been able to do so. But I hope to be stable soonest. This post has been published on Naijasinglegirl earlier this year sha.

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Dads are a famously tough bunch to buy gifts for. Either you’ve got the kind of dad who goes out and buys what he wants when he wants it, or the kind of dad who doesn’t really want anything and would actually just rather that you spend time together fishing, hiking, or whatever else dad likes to do.

Father’s Day undoubtedly brings up fond memories. Whether it’s the time dad taught you how to ride a bike or that first weekend fishing trip with just the two of you, dad's been around through thick and thin.

We're sure he'd would be very appreciative no matter what you got for him on Father’s Day, but while a heartfelt card and a hug are nice, so are a pair shiny new shoes. We’ve put together this handy guide of great Father’s Day gifts that includes the perfect gift for every type of dad, from the avid outdoorsman to the amateur chef.

Dad Personalized Print

Father's Day Gift Guide

If getting a “Dad” tattoo isn’t your thing, you can share the same sentiment by gifting a custom print that makes for a great office décor and is more lasting than a simple card. [$22]

Suede Lace up shoe

Fit for every day of the week (including casual Fridays). The amazing suede shoe enough to garner a double take from your dad's younger coworkers. Because office cred counts.

A dress belt

Whether your father is the type to wear a suit Monday through Friday or only at weddings and funerals. A handsome dress belt would be perfect.

There are a lot of other beautiful things to get a dad on a father's day, Like a very nice cologne, good looking frames to transform him from dear old dad to a younger version.

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