Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Today I celebrate 2 years of blogging and am going to discuss several topics, So please, Mbok, Biko, bonvolu, bitte, se il vous plaît, don Allah, per favore relax and read the post :)

November is a special month for me, so many birthdays...I really love it when people celebrate their birthday cos it means enough cake for me. (8381-0825-6094 Empty Hen) For this month there is close to 5 or more birthdays, My twin and partner in crime celebrated his birthday November 3, My Elder brother and Daughter would be 20th and 7th, My last born and cousin 11/11, My Oga Boss CEO of Young and Confused Blog Duru Adolphus Chinomso on the 12th, My crazy friend David 14th and Lastly Should Call her My best friend (hehehe, all this her best friends can poison me oooo) Cos after her boyfriend na me dey in line for shareholders lol. (1368-8502-1299 Empty Hen)

My Oga Boss Duru Adolphus Chinomso 

I wasn't a fashion blogger, David the crazy boy is in the middle.

See my bestfriend ooo.

About 4 years ago precisely May 2010 I joined blogger and published my first post which i eventually deleted and left blogger platform cos then there wasn't much customizations, (3790-2996-2627 Empty Hen) I started writing html and xhtml codes which i enjoyed till i also got tired, I tried learning php but i stopped cos of first year stress. (3967-8458-3700-1584 Airtel Nigeria) I started blogging again November 18th 2012, And the post was made for a friend who wanted to sell a web designing e-book, i did a couple of posts which was generally about entertainment and other things, but i had to quit again cos I was just doing copy and paste from LindaIkeji, BellaNaija and Co, I wanted to do something original so i came again 2013 as a celebrity news blogger but i also did entertainment too. (6142-3522-0820 Empty Hen) Then I came across several blogs that inspired me to go into personal fashion blogging, Did a couple of personal fashion posts which i would share the links lol, I wasn't satisfied my sense of fashion so i had to quit again to concentrate on celebrity news, (3150-8442-6064-2201 Airtel Nigeria) Though i still had thoughts of going into personal style but i was skeptical till stumbled on Cassandra Ikegbunne's Blog. (3539-1002-1213-2754 Airtel Nigeria) Then early 2014, should be either january or february I published my first personal fashion post and since then even if am broke I would steal my Dad's modem to blog or borrow from Boss in the office where am an Intern to Blog. (3504-3488-7500-8040 Airtel Nigeria)

Since I started blogging this year, I have gotten new friends, got closer to some people and blog fam keeps increasing. My Very Good Friend Temidayo Adgebite Don't Quit blogging ooo...(1584-4276-4225-420 Etisalat) I miss your posts, Wanted to mention Desola Mako if she wasn't back by today...But she is back already.

Back to friends I got, Blog Fam is amazing, I still wana hook up with many bloggers and share some of my blogger Fam moments.

The first day I called Duru ehn, I knew he didn't know whom he was talking to and I didn't want to tell him yet. Duru was like Oga "today wey u remember me rain go fall ooo", (2675-3750-1165-637 Etisalat) me sef come whine am back. When I eventually told him, Duru come shout like person wey win visa lottery to go Cotonou, In fact at the end of our talk Duru said "Ice you craze pass me", Beauty get very sweet voice, her type of person suppose dey choir or be singing lullaby for me every night, Desola Mako....hehe her voice is over the moon oooo, the way we started talking ehn..that one go be jist for another day, She follow for bloggers ah dey trip for (A go still profess my love and inner feelings very soon) , The first day I talked with Tosin ehn, we gisted for 29 minutes 49 seconds, Then the 2nd time was well over 30minutes Mumci come be like who ah dey talk with dey happy like this, Every day i talk with tosin ehn, My heart dey dance shoki.....a go come dey sing "there's Joy in my heart it is flowing like a river", (2685-4354-4230-908 Etisalat) Chai the day i talked to Tolu (most of you know her as Ronii) the girl me and duru has been tripping for, I went to heaven a came back, Motor nearly jam me as i was talking with her, cos her voice no be here, I had to tell her let me hang up and call you back, cos i needed to reboot my brain and install the english language package, cos i don't understand big big english in the afternoon, Ehen before Duru go overtake me for this race, (7140-0357-3581-247 Etisalat) Tolu I am confessing my inner feelings and love oooo, I can catch keke for you, Slap soldier for you, Drive at 160Mph for you in Lagos across LASTMA check point (Na die ah dey cos i if get accident...hehehehe, Duru would be the happiest man on earth), I will stand in front of Trailer for you, (240-0196-6523-4191 GloMami Tibs I salute her ooo, her posts are inspirational, She can write for Africa *shines teeth*, Moby of Life I reserve my comment cos her boyfriend I saw on Tibs birthday video, am still fearing him oooo, after imagining the kind of beating i will receive if my mouth do mistake talk rubbish, Melody ahhhhh, (240-0196-1583-5880 Glo) I have been tripping since the first day i added her on facebook i think 2013 (abeg Duru no drag am with me, Thank God i never see you for her blog), Missy May She is a Super sweetheart, she is so helpful in so many ways, Franca is a real bae, i dey miss am sha...she dey camp now ....Iyesogie my new Iggy Azelea (I reserve the right to call her that name ooo) She is so cool and homely, I love her strong Will, I would tease her every evening, I would ping her and ask i hope you didnt disappear today, The day I finally got to speak with her she was like even though the flesh would disappear due to stress, Her bones would remain. Emmm there are still others i want to talk to, so abeg if i para una number mbok please don't ask me what do you need it for, cos if you do....I will change my mind and use it for my winchi winchi business. (240-0196-9403-6842 Glo)

    Word of Advice for Aspiring Fashion Bloggers/Bloggers;

You don't need a Canon EOS Mark III or Seitz 6×17” Digital Panoramic Camera or  Hasselblad H4D-200MS Digital Camera to take your outfit photos, A good smartphone would a great start, I used to use my Blackberry Z10 which got missing May I think 25 or 26 to take my outfit pictures before I got a camera.
If you want to become a blogger so you can making money overnight from Adsense and other things sorry dont bother being a blogger.
For Fashion bloggers no need to be buying new cloths anytime you want to make a new post, we are fashion bloggers cos re rock and restyle our cloths till they start crying lol.

PS: Duru Adolphus Chinomso No vex abeg, am just protecting my territory, u na my correct nigga.....a gat your back to the moon.

If you load my Recharge Card comment ooooo. 

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  1. Yasss congrats boy, don't worry I won't disappear any time soon. Wow we both have the same inspiration to start, I came across Cassie blog and I'm like if she can do it, I can. Wel the recharge card was great, *i didn't load everything oh * I loaded the first 2 MTN, 1st glo, 1st airtel, so start from where I stopped *run away* I will still come back if this one finishes oh hehe

  2. Hiya Papi.....I am actually doing a test...buh I thought to quickly drop this else I would forget.....Sooooooo congrats!....its been a long journey eh?.....All the best papi.

  3. hahaaa...loved reading this, I'm so happy you sent me a link directly because i haven't been able to open you blog for some reasons. HAPPY 2ND BLOGAVERSARY...
    i'm so happy to have met you on this platform.
    i didn't win any credit because sogie took them all :(
    email me my mtn :)

  4. Woow ... amazing love that speech

  5. Dear Son, Mama is proud to watch you grow and how far you have come lol. I pray for more wisdom for us all as we celebrate 20 more years of blogging. Btw i loaded to glo card *shines teeth* love you always

  6. Congrats, I see it's been a long journey.
    Sometimes I use my z10 too to take pictures when my camera isn't available. People need to understand that in order to succeed as a Blogger it has to start as a passion.
    Congrats once again, wishing you the best.

  7. Congrats Steve!! You na Oga Boss for this level o! A whole 2years!!! Bros I hail ooooo
    I followed the link from TTT

  8. Congrates and happy blog anniversary!! You've done well and I wish you all th best. Nice to meet you too, dear. :)

  9. Congrats buddy, many more years to celebrate by God's grace.

  10. congrats dear. Am so happy for you.

  11. Ella the Enchanted19 November 2014 at 03:00

    Congratulobia!!! The Lord bu muscle lu gi. **winkz**
    Bia Nwoke m, as I b new commer for ya blog no mean say I no go follow chop cake Ooo!
    Better send ma own share cos I no go hear say e don finish or else...

  12. LOL, Thanks dear....and hehehehe, sha all i will say is don't disappear

  13. Mami Tibs....Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate it.

  14. Dont worry sweeri, I would send something across, Thanks for showing me love :)

  15. Aunty Sister Missy May Mavis *shines teeth* Thanks for stopping by.

  16. Thanks Dear, don't worry your cake is on its way

  17. Congratulations on your blogoversary..

  18. heheheheheheheheheh Ice you are a mad man!! I can kihhh you for this post oooh!!! See as you leaked all our secret finish! kai!! dioarisgoddoooooo.. Mehn my Nigga I am totally sorry for not being here earlier as my life was fucked up then, and I sincerely thank you for the mentions... You had me smiling like a fish all the way.. lemme just say that you are officially the craziest Nigga on Blogsville.. hehehe Your craze no get brake! Thank GOD for the day we jammed here oooo.. You are a great man with a wonderful gift, and I pray GOD strengthens you, and makes you bigger.

    P.S: Tolu is mine ooo, dont even go there.. :)

  19. AWWW icezzzz darling... luv yah


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