Monday, November 24, 2014

My people, My people, How una dey (How are you doing?)....I have been missing here cos my laptop just developed issues, sha Ice has diagnosed, I think my keyboard is faulty so it wouldn't boot (hehehe, most of you don't know that Ice is jack of all trade), Well I intend taking for repairs soon, But am still thinking about the cost implication, But for now my Hp Mini is my bestfriend.

Ehen Back to the outfit, I bought this blazer couple of weeks ago, and I was thinking of how to style it, I checked out pinterest, GQ Magazine, Err body was busy styling Blue blazers with light coloured shirts. But I said NO, I must stand out cos thats why I call my style ICE. So I decided to pair the sweetheart, with a dark shirt, black trouser and shoe to match. Well Well i rocked this outfit to church last sunday, which was different from my every sunday traditional attire. Would still blog about them sha. Thanks Guys for all the love on Blogversary (I don't even know how you people spell this thing)

I wore;

Blue Blazer
Dark Blue shirt; Unofficial_X
Black Trouser 
Black Suede Shoe (Quite Old sha, bought it my first year, When i wanted to contest for Mr. NSBS in my school)

NB: NSBS is supposed to mean National abi Nigeria Society of Biochemistry Students

Spoiler; An new update on my GT bank waka would be updated soooon.
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  1. love this look..the blazer is so sleek and well styled.x

  2. The blue on blue is a brilliant idea. Stylish look and clean. Nice!

  3. You look sharp and dapper, dear. :)

  4. Kia Miss may, you stole my word joor. i was going to write dapper too lol.. You look amazeballs. You look like what i will want my man to wear. The two diff shades of blue is everything. Something Morinho will do

  5. You look amazing, love the play on the color blue. Amazing style.

  6. You look fabulous! Loving the colbalt blazer!

    <3 Shannon

  7. This is my favorite so far, Steve. You lool fabulous.


  8. Looking good bro !! :-)
    very sharp . great job

    New look on Le Blog : ' mixing & layering '

    Greets JON

  9. ICE baba looking Sharp... I love the Jacket, its distinct. Nice one Oga boss.. Can i borrow the jacket?! :p

  10. very stylish! love this look!

  11. Dapper!!! Love love this

  12. Love the blazer !

    x TFLA: x


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