Friday, February 12, 2016

Dear concrete wall, my eyes still wonder why you are so grey. You're strong and tall and hard as rock but grey still colours you.
Oh concrete wall, how does it feel at day when no one dares. To touch your face, but looks at you as shrivers speak their fears.
The night must bring such bliss to you, as cold winds caress your face and then the folks who once didn't care, yearn for your embrace.
Dear concrete wall, do you feel sad that you let no one in or rather you feel somewhat glad, protect the jewel within.
I've heard before but still I'll ask, Is it really worth the climb? Eventually when I scale through will I be pleased with the sight behind.
Dear concrete wall, i bet it hurts when piece by piece you fall. Cause then you'd have to take comfort in the hits of a wreaking ball.
Dear concrete wall, I sit and stare and throw these stones at you. But yet they fall without a care, just pleased that they met you.
Dear concrete wall, I know for sure I'll build you up one day. And waves of pain shall reach the shore but I'll be faraway.

Oluoma Ali

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